Our Time (the 60s)

“The world is a dramatically different place from that which existed when we grew up and graduated in the summer of 1969.”

50+ years have passed since we received our diplomas from New Buffalo High School and our Alma mater sure has changed, in fact the schoolhouse, as we knew it, no longer exists. There is a sleek, new and modern building out on ‘lumpy-dumpy’ Clay Street next to the football field.

Despite all the change that surrounds us, when we get together it is like we were never apart longer than those summer breaks between grades.

Do you remember Al Blazek taking out a car windshield in front of the school with a water balloon? Or teachers hauling someone out into the hall to be paddled? We don’t have a permanent record for memories of that nature, but we do for others. How about the school banning long hair on boys and way-out clothing? Or maybe that marathon basketball game that almost made 90% of our varsity athletes ineligible under MHSAA rules?

Browse a few news clippings and take a trip down memory lane from the pages of The Herald-Press, News Palladium and South Bend Tribune.