In Memoriam

Every name brings back a memory…a class, a date, a conversation. It was a life long ago, yet seems like yesterday.
Sharon May (1971)
Craig Wagner (1990)
Kitra Kay Price (1990)
Michelle Merrill (1985)
Joanette “A.J.” Elliott (2003)
Robert “Bob” DeWeese (2006)
Ken Spaulding (2006)
Melissa (Newton) Hurt (2007)
Allison “Kitty” Rada (2008)
Larry Smith (2009)
Everette Eugene Painter (2010)
Ed (Floyd) Hutchcraft (2010)
Candy Carlson (2010)
Edwin Buell, Jr (2013)
Larry Hardaway (2014)
Marie (Hoover) Purtha-Kettler (2015)
Brenda S. Eaton Sizer (2016)
Edmund Hillman (2016)
Sharon (Ervin) Legac (2018)
Robert Vorel (2020)
Brad Heppler (2020)
Danny Maitland (2020)
Each year we vote on silly sayings,
Our claim to yearbook fame.
This year there is only one nominee
For every single category.
In your absence we will think of you:
As the Most Popular kid in school,
Because you will be on everyone’s minds
As the Most Likely to Succeed,
Because you’ve touched all our hearts.
As the Most likely to Get Out of Here,
Because you’ve reached the final destination.
As the Most Spirited,
Because you rest in the spirit world.
When you were here, you had:
The Best Eyes
The Best Smile
The Best Personality
Without you, we will be:
The Most Likely to Miss a Friend
The Biggest Criers
The Most Likely to Feel Sadness
As the school year passes,
We will find some comfort in your memory
Because thoughts of our time together
Are the Best Memories anyone could have.
To view a listing of all New Buffalo High School alumni, teachers and staff who have passed, CLICK HERE.