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By jsmitch On 2018.10.13 10:55
Forum page code tweaked as best I can for mobile devices. Just too much legacy code (pre-mobile) to work around to get 100% compatibility. I manage to get rid of the random ghost error (not a secure page warning). -- Jim

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.13 21:30
Thanks for all the work you do Jim. The few of us who still use the forum appreciate it.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.14 08:39
Right on Jim,this is a wonderful outlet for us folks who have left NB years ago(1959) but still claim it as our home. Although it' been almost sixty years since I lived there it still holds a special place as basis for my formative years.

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.14 20:18
Finally a cooling trend, a Canadian cold front coming through. Temps drop into 40's overnight and only mid 50's for Mon & Tue with gradual warming to 70 on Fri. Finally a chance to get outside and enjoy.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.15 10:30
I think you missed your calling ,a TV weatherman.

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.15 17:38
Update on, "get out and enjoy", abundant moisture from a hurricane off the coast of Mexico, flowing over the mountains and overriding the cool air has caused it to rain buckets thus negating the enjoyment of cool weather.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.16 07:43
Great!but ,don't quit your day job!

By Richard Guhl On 2018.10.16 08:52
Maybe we up here have a different view on what's good vs bad weather.

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.16 22:19
Don't worry Pat, not about to give up my day job, RETIRED.

Yeah, Rich, I am sure to you mid 40's and rain in October is balmy weather, but unfortunately what we got was a drought buster. Lake Travis which is our reservoir was at 68% full last month, and is now at 109% and rising with all flood gates open, as are all the dams in the upper chain due to severe river flooding. More rain is forecast for next 5 days along with warming temps. Could get nasty down river to the Gulf.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.17 16:30
We finally went over our average 10.5 for year so anything we get for the rest of the year is gravy. 77 for a high today almost perfect. See what you get in old age discussions about weather and next on the topic will be ailments, operations, and Doctors appointments AH! the Golden years!

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.17 22:41
With only the three of us being active on here right now, that may be all we have to talk about. At least you travel a lot and Rich is still active with his hunting and trapping.

Lake Travis is now at 128% full and expected to reach 710 feet by Friday without another drop of rain. They are planning on opening the remaining 4 flood gates because there is a greater than 60% chance of rain in the areas feeding the lake over the next 3 days. If the lake reaches 714 feet, water will be over the spillway which is dangerous for everyone down stream and the integrity of the dam.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.18 08:16
My youngest Daughter lives in College Station how far away is that?

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.18 09:16
Over 100 miles Northeast of Austin, perfectly safe as are most areas in and around Austin. Areas of worry would be along and downstream of the river.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.19 20:14
This same daughter arrived today for her 30th High school reunion this is my baby kind gets your attention.

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.19 22:27
So why is she living in "Aggie Land"?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.20 07:48
She actually works for A&M and is doing her PHD there.

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.20 11:04
OK, in deference to her academic endeavors I'll refrain from posting any Aggie jokes. You must be a proud papa.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.20 14:03
My five kids have done extremely well 5 BS/BAs 4MAs and now one ,one year away from her PHD makes me kind of wonder if they are indeed related to me!!

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.20 21:22
And now a word from our sponsor,

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.21 14:47
This forum has seen more action in the last two weeks than it did in the last six months. That being said Mike I think a pair of old wrench benders could use a little help from the silent majority, ya think??

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.21 17:07
From what I have seen, I think Rich is the only silent one. I am worried that others do not realize the site is back up.

That aside, I hope all your children did not get their degrees in Texas. There is an old saw here about degree progression, you start out with a BS, and everyone in Texas knows what BS is. You progress to MS, which is More of the Same, and end up with PHD, Piled Higher and Deeper.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.22 17:42
I may have put the web site on Face Book in you know your from NB if... Not worry the Tex A&M kid got her BA from UofA and her MA U of IL.

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.22 21:46
Well, if FB won't find people interested in the forum, I guess you and I will have to make Jim proud.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.23 08:52
You know it's really a shame , this forum has lots to offer, reunion news, an obit section that uses the vast knowledge of at least three generations of NB school alumni. I myself go back over 70 years(1946) when NB was still a sleepy little farm town. There are many folks out their who would love to reminisce. I guess the older you get things that happened in the past get more meaningful.

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.23 22:45
Yes, Jim did a great job with the site to include everything that might be of interest to anyone. If no one else joins the discussion, we'll just have to do it alone until there's one of us left. And if that person happens to talk to and answer himself, can keep it going even longer.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.24 08:41
As the junior member of this duo you had best be on your toes.

By Richard Guhl On 2018.10.24 09:20
Good Grief! Now seniority counts?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.24 10:01
Welllll maybe just a little!!

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.24 19:39
Is being the oldest really seniority?

Guess we should let Pat have his day in the sun, oh wait, he lives in AZ so everyday is a day in the sun.

As far as the forum goes, Rich registered first, but at least Pat got a rise out of him.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.25 20:00
Just got back from a quick 400 mile trip to northern AZ to winterize our cabin. My arse is really dragging. Ready for that double Irish on the rocks cheers !!

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.25 21:32
Be careful not to winterize yourself with that good Irish.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.26 17:20
Parish the thought my good man,by the way COSTCO now sells their own brand of Irish Whiskey that is really great for only $28 for a 1.75 liter in AZ.

By Richard Guhl On 2018.10.27 09:41
Most days I usually have a greater need for Starbucks French Roast than Irish Whiskey.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.27 12:20
Yes But ,in the evening by the fire what could be more relaxing!

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.27 19:09
Gave up my Bourbons and Whiskeys in 1969 when it was obvious neither of us knew when to quit. Got off all "hard" stuff in 1975 when started getting too much sugar from the mixes. Stuck to beer until they put me on blood thinners last year. Down to 1 or 2 on occasion. Had to give up coffee in 1989, stomach will not tolerate the essential oils. Guess too much coffee when in uniform, more than 35 cups a day.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.27 21:04
Had a bit of a problem in NAM but I quit for about 15 years now I enjoy a little Irish or a nice Single Malt after dinner the only thing I really miss is that great cigar that went with it.

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.28 12:57
Know what you mean. Quit smoking when cigarettes went up to $1.80 a carton in the commissary because I thought it was too much, (and look what people are paying now). The only thing I missed was the occasional cigar. Told my wife before we married, that if I ever became terminal, I would go back to cigars.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.29 08:35
$1.80! a carton good lord that was back in the stone age .About 25 years ago we took a trip to Scotland saw all the tourist sites but the most interesting was the Whisky trail about ten or so distilleries among them was Glenfiddch as with all on the tour we were shown the full process and taken to their tasting room for free sample by golly I was hooked . I also find that good Irish Whiskey is almost as good . By the way when Steve Fraser passed he left me a 15 year old bottle of Dewars which I will open on the 15th year of his passing. That is if I'm still around myself.

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.29 17:00
If you call late 70's the Stone Age, then yeah. 14 years to go, and then it will be a 30 year old bottle, just what a 90 something needs on a frosty desert morning to get the joints lubricated.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.29 17:59
Now that you put it that way that's really some thing to look forward to!!

By deniedaccess On 2018.10.29 22:23

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.10.31 16:03
Not much new from out here in WestWorld temps have settled to the seventies very comfortable, Goody Gosh I get to go in Friday AM to have my "roids" clipped I know you all feel bad for me but , better me than you.

By Richard Guhl On 2018.11.01 09:23
The 70's sound pretty good - the other part of your post, not much fun.

By deniedaccess On 2018.11.01 09:27
Had another cold front blow through last night bringing thunderstorms with it ruining Halloween for the neighborhood kiddos. Temps back in mid to upper 60's. You know, oddly I do not feel bad for you, but as you said, better you than us. While you are at it, maybe you can get them to clip your toenails and trim your eyebrows. Seriously, hope all goes well.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.11.02 14:32
OH my sore a--- but at lease it's over funny little donut pillow they gave me ???

By deniedaccess On 2018.11.02 17:32
Quit using the bathroom as a library and you'll cut down on "clip trips". And before you ask, NO!, you cannot eat the donut pillow when done with it. Welcome home.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.11.02 18:48
Mike ! you know this an old occupational hazard for Aircraft Mechs never a outhouse within a half mile of the ramp so ignore the urge, but you pay for it some where down the line . Been putting it off for twenty plus years and that 4000 mile drive this summer made a believer out of me

By deniedaccess On 2018.11.03 19:35
It's amazing how resilient and forgiving our bodies were back in the "stone age", it's no wonder we thought we were invincible.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2018.11.05 06:26
Hey Mike your going to have to wing it for a few as my lower end is just a little sore to say the least.

By deniedaccess On 2018.11.05 08:54
NP, take care of yourself and feel better soon. Hope Tuesday night's outcome doesn't aggravate your delicate condition.

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